Paul Davis
I build websites using Joomla!

If you have a Joomla! website and require assistance in managing, updating or upgrading it then I am able to help. I have been using Joomla! since version 1.0 back in 2006 and have built and migrated many sites in its multiple versions.

Joomla! Feature List
Support for more than 64 languages.
/Well Supported
Well Supported
Supported by a worldwide community of individuals, developers & consultants.
/Easy Upgrades
Easy Upgrades
One click version updates making life simple for all users.
/Integrated Help System
Integrated Help System
In-app contextual help system to help every level of user.
/Media Manager
Media Manager
Upload, organise and manage media files & folders with ease.
/Banner Management
Banner Management
Monetise your website with the banner management tool.
/Contact Management
Contact Management
Allow every person and every part of your business to be contactable.
/Smart Searches
Smart Searches
Allow your visitors to find information quickly and easily.
/Content Management
Content Management
The heart and soul of Joomla! Content creation is made very easy with the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor. No code!
/Nested Categorisation
Nested Categorisation
Organise your content in to categories and unlimited sub-categories.
When categorisation of content isn't enough, you can also tag.
/Frontend Editing
Frontend Editing
Makes editing content easy and fast.
/Content Versioning
Content Versioning
Never again lose a previous important version of an article & other changes made to your site.
/Syndication & Newsfeeds
Syndication & Newsfeeds
Allow your visitors to stay up to date with your latest news without visiting your site.
/Menu Manager
Menu Manager
Create as many menus and menu items as you need.
/Powerful Extensibility
Powerful Extensibility
Over 8,000 extensions available to enable your Joomla! site do just about anything!
/Extensive Access Control (ACL)
Extensive Access Control (ACL)
Manage who can see what on your site.
/Mobile Ready
Mobile Ready
Responsive design in the front end and admin areas, means Joomla! is fully Mobile Ready.

Say hi!

If you have a new website project or need help with your existing Joomla! site then I'm very happy to have a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.